• “Finding Impact was a tremendous help for my family early on after diagnosis. Joining the parenting Success System totally completed the package. Having someone share tools for coping with parenting challenges, along with keeping me accountable to put them into practice, has been very helpful. It’s also very reassuring to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing challenges. ImpactADHD fits our needs above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! Without it, I don’t know where we would be now.”

    —Jennifer B, GA

    “Your program ( Parent Success System) is really unusual, and I tell other people about it all the time. The calls are great! We parents are the ones on the front lines. This is a condition where we learn so much more about day to day solutions from other parents than we do from our child’s doctors. Congratulations for this wonderful works that you are doing.”

    —Cristina A, NJ

    “Working with Impact helped me tremendously. Before, when I was just in my own little world, I felt isolated and really dysfunctional. In the Parent Success System, I realized that there were so many people from so many places going through the same things as me. Seeing others with similar struggles helped me feel better about my situation, and the skills I learned in PSS helped me understand that I don’t have to struggle so much.”

    —Lynn S, MS

    "I am excited to be renewing for another year of PSS. My husband has seen how I am using the strategies, and seeing results. And now he is joining, too. Thanks for all of your support- you have made a huge difference in our family this year!"

    –Mia J, VA

    “I want to say Thank YOU!!! I thought the call today was great. It really helped me to get clarity on prioritizing. As much as I have wanted to focus on structure in the past, today’s call helped me understand that by focusing on Taking Aim, a structure will unfold that we can all be happy about. Also…”What is the change I want to see?” was huge for me. I tend to get caught up in what is not working. I love that you keep reminding us!”

    — Nan P, WA

    "My mom gifted me a membership in PSS, which I’ve been in for over a year now. What a gift! It has taught me that others were having the same “issues” we were. Because of your tools I now have help for both of my kiddos with ADHD. I didn’t know it could look so different. Thank you for all you do. You all are changing lives."

    —Kacey H

    “One of my AHA’s is that HOW we approach the challenges of our complex child makes the most difference, and not what we (or they) do. I have definitely seen this in my time with ImpactADHD. We need to recognize that just as much as our kids needs to be given tools to better manage themselves, we (as parents) need the training to help them feel successful. Since being in this program this year, I feel more confident as a parent and more equipped to be a true advocate for my son, despite his crazy antics. I have learned so much about myself with this program.”

    —Tamar M

    “Sanity school is good! For me it is a refresher (always needed) from the PSS calls from last year. I especially love hearing about successes of what works for motivating and helping our kids progress forward. I get lots of AHA moments. The calls keep me in tune to what is really happening in our family – is someone tired, stressed, hungry, anxious, happy etc. Then I can adjust how I respond in the moment; or, if it’s me having a moment, I can take a time out for myself.”

    —Marian S, GA

    "Overall things are going well, even with all that goes with the beginning of school while working full-time. I'm working on bits of everything we talked about, using your tools all the time with all three kids. Specifically, I'm working on keeping things positive and letting the kids have choices – doing what I can to keep communication open with tone and language. I don't want them to shut down because they feel judged or "bad." I’m doing much better than last year's back-to-school season! I adore this training and you both!! Thank you!"

    —Julie Z, GA

    “Personally, I really like ImpactParents Group Coaching calls. The live interaction gives me a good balance of feeling challenged, supported, and encouraged all at the same time. This week, I was thanking my husband -- we both have realized how important it was for me to get this kind of support!”


    —Kristi B, TX

    “ImpactParents Coaching Group is a great way to share ideas, information, encouragement and support without needing to get in the car and go somewhere!”


    "As a mum of three wonderful young adults, two of whom have ADHD, I have done many things and gotten help from many skilled professionals. But signing up for PSS with ImpactADHD® has been the SINGLE BEST thing I have done!"

    —Rosie E. British Columbia, Canada

    “The education and peer group support provided through Impact ADHD’s Coaching Sessions has been extremely valuable. The excellent facilitation and coaching tips provided by Diane and Elaine provide me with much needed guidance and a way of holding me accountable without judgement. Communicating with other parents of children with ADHD who experience similar challenges is both enlightening and comforting. A powerful combination!”

    —Lindsay N, TN

    “Thanks to the Parent Success program, we have learned so many actionable and positive strategies to reduce the stress around homework from the simple step of a jumping jack break to get the wiggles out and activate the brain to the more holistic process of co-created a homework routine that Miles could follow that allowed him to feel both successful and in control. We feel better about this special time of the day. ”

    —Christa R, CA

    “I experienced an ADHD Homework Dilemma tonight but feel because of the ImpactAHD coaching, it went really well, much better than it would have several years ago. My 11yr old ADHD daughter really struggles with reading and writing (and executive functioning of course) so when she was assigned a book report, she did it and then promptly lost it. So she did another one which she got a failing grade on because she wrote very brief answers and even said “I don’t know” on one of the questions. She has a very hard time getting her thoughts down on paper. So now, she had two reports both with failing grades. Today, instead of giving her a hard time for losing the papers and getting such a bad grade, I focused on the success and celebrated that (just like we talked about in ADHD group) – she did a lot of work doing that book report twice already! I congratulated her on all that effort and had empathy for her because she ended up doing the same book report THREE times! But such is the life with a kid with ADHD, right? So for the third time with the book report, I sat down with her and talked over the plot, story lines, characters, etc. She knows it, she just can’t articulate it well and write it down. She had a lot of writing to do but I employed techniques I’ve learned like taking short breaks (to pet the dog) and then a longer break with some physical activity. So, in the end, I was never angry or frustrated with her, in fact, I felt like I was very supportive. I think she felt good about it all and she ended up doing a very decent job on the book report. I think this was a good learning experience for her too. So the skills that we have talked about in ImpactADHD are empathy, compassion, homework breaks, physical activity homework breaks, body doubling, motivational rewards, championing and celebrating, being curious, shifting expectations. It was good!”

    —Cheryl A, CA

    “Group Classes have taught me skills such as:

    1. Specific tools and steps to use for everyday life.

    2. Increased kindness and acceptance toward myself by understanding that ADHD is not a matter of “Will Power,” but a willful process of living and parenting on purpose with strategies to compensate for deficits of this disorder

    3. Connection with a caring, knowledgeable human being that has insight, and others on the call that share common struggles. This brings a sense of belonging that is essential to everyone’s path for growth in life.

    4. Broadened awareness of other resources, meaning authors, books, websites, and organizations that have increased my access to knowledge and ultimate success.”

    —Lindsay G, TN