• The Coach Approach gives you the guidance you need to transform your family

    What is the Coach-Approach?

    Research proves that when kids have a champion in their corner, it makes for better performance and a better life.

    The coach-approach helps parents learn to champion their complex kids in a constructive, empowering way. To navigate the fine line between guiding your children … and still encouraging independence. To see the best in your kids, and help them reach their full potential. The focus is primarily on learning and improvement, rather than correction and criticism.


    The coach-approach offers parents a way to:

    • Help kids determine their strengths and motivations so they can feel confident in themselves
    • Empower kids to use strategies so they can be more successful
    • Teach kids to shift perspectives and get “unstuck” so they can believe in themselves
    • Share advice and guidance in a way that kids can hear it, so they can learn from their experiences and mistakes
    • Support kids to identify what's important to them, so they can find a successful path in life, work and relationships
    • Provide constructive feedback and accountability to help kids grow without feeling embarrassed or ashamed
    • Share your values, beliefs and perspectives so you can teach your kids what you think is important

    You can experience extraordinary training, coaching and support, all from the comfort of your car, office or kitchen.

    Thousands of parents have already changed their lives with ImpactParent's coach-approach.

    After nearly a decade of hosting coaching groups in the Parent Success System, we haven’t yet met a parent who actively participated in the group coaching and didn’t see results. It’s literally impossible to take this program — to get regular training and coaching — and not see significant change in you, and in your child. 

    We’re 100% confident that this is the best parent training and coaching program available for complex kids that you will find anywhere. So much so that we back it up with a guarantee.

    Any parent who wants to improve family life can participate and benefit from this program. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken other courses to manage your kids challenges, or if you’re a complete newbie to this world. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure YOU – no matter what level you’re at – will experience nothing less than explosive results with…

    Complex kids face challenges that start in pre-school and go well into their twenties. Below are some examples of how kids' challenges change over time. The Coach-Approach is a model that works for children and teens of ALL ages.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How is The Parent Success System different from ImpactParent’s other programs?

    A: This is a live, in-depth group program. We have compiled the absolute strongest knowledge, tools, techniques and strategies to help you adopt the coach-approach with your child, and combined it with a structure to help you put it into practice. It is as effective for a newbie to the world of complex kids as it is for seasoned veterans who want to brush up on things; truly, any parent with a complex child is welcome. We have made it our focus to ensure that this program hits on the most important things a parent of any complex kid needs to know. No messing around – we get right to the point!

    Q. What age kids is this for?

    A: If you have a kid who is pre-school age through early twenties, this program will work for you (and we’ll place you in a group, accordingly). The sooner you teach your kids to manage their behavior, the better. It breaks our hearts when parents of older teens come to us desperate for help, afraid that it’s too late. It’s not. It works for everyone, though we gotta admit, the earlier you start, the easier it is to get the results you really want, for you and your kids!

    Q. How much does it cost?

    A: The cost of the Parent Success System is regularly $147 per month. We have made every effort to make this as affordable as possible — with the hope that we can reach as many families as possible.

    The cost of visiting a private provider is frequently in the region of $200 per hour, and attending a conference frequently adds up to hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on location). Either way, for the information you’ll get in a program like this, and the ongoing support that comes with it for the year, you could end up paying thousands of dollars with a private provider. The Parent Success System is a more modest investment for the same quality training you’d receive at a conference or in a private provider's office. Given that you can learn from home, you don’t have to worry about childcare costs (or the stress of leaving your complex child at home!), travel costs or traffic woes, this is a much more efficient and effective investment of your time and money!

    Q. How long is each session, and when do they meet?

    A: Each group coaching session is roughly 1 hour each. We offer many sessions throughout the week, at different times day and night, and targeting different age-groups. You will be able to choose a group that works for your schedule. In addition to the group coaching calls, we hold "Office Hours" twice a month (one hour each), so you will have access to a coach 4x/month.

    Q. Why is it a year-long program?

    A: After years of trying different things, we have landed on the length of program that consistently delivers the best results for kids and parents. While many of our members participate in PSS groups for years because they love the ongoing support, a 12 month commitment is designed to give you the training and support you need to change things for the long term.

    We’ve learned from experience that complex issues don’t go away overnight — quick fixes get very limited results, and long-term success takes a little time. We’ve also figured out that our kids issues show up in various ways all year round. Since we parents face different challenges during the summer months than during the school year, we’ve found that consistent support and guidance year-round leads to better, lasting results. You’ll see big changes in the first couple of months, you’ll start feeling a lot more peace about half-way through, and we guarantee that by the year end, you’ll feel as though the skies the limit for your kid!

    Q. Who are Elaine and Diane?

    A: Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster are parenting coaches and mothers who happen to have 6 kids with ADD/ADHD and a number of other related issues between their two families.

    When their kids were younger, the kind of support that would have helped them was not available. This inspired them to co-found ImpactADHD, as they recognised a huge need for support that makes a real difference. They hope that no parent ever has to go through this alone – not when they know they can do something to help!

    For full bio’s for each please visit:

    Q. My child has not been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Can I still attend?

    A: Yup! We welcome parents of what we like to call “complex” kids – children with ADHD or related challenges. 70% of kids with ADD have a number of different co-existing issues, and these strategies work for all of them. So whether ADHD is suspected, diagnosed, or not even likely, if you have a “complex” kid, you probably know what we mean – and this is definitely for you.

    Q. If I don’t find this useful, is there a guarantee?

    A: We do this because we love seeing parents and their kids succeed. It is an extraordinary experience to watch parents transform their families and empower their kids. And we are 100% committed to your success. If you take the action steps presented in this program, show up for all the calls, and implement a minimum of three strategies, but you still don’t feel you are seeing the benefit, then we will work with you 1-on-1 to figure out what’s missing and what it will take to help you get results. If that still doesn’t work, after three months you may end your agreement, and we’ll still let you keep all the bonuses! For your convenience, your monthly membership will continue after twelve months until you direct us to stop payments (email TheTeam@ImpactParents.com). Your commitment is important to the success of this program and there are no refunds for non-participation.