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How would you handle this scenario?

Boy, it’s been a rough day. You had a disagreement with a colleague, then you battled traffic to get to the grocery store to buy dinner, only to wait in a line as long as the Great Wall of China. You’ve finally made it home, you walk in the door and find ….World War III has erupted in your kitchen.

Your son is clearly being difficult and his sister is already in tears. The reason for the chaos? Could be avoidance of homework. Being told no. Boredom. Distraction. Does it really matter?

Are you stressed, frustrated, scared, exhausted, lonely or crazy-worried about your kid?
He has poured his drink on his sister’s head, and she is no longer trying to control her own emotions…she’s done!

As you open the door, all eyes look to you for guidance.

You falter. A lump forms in your throat, your eyes prickle. Why tonight? Trying to remain calm, you set the groceries down and get a dishcloth to pat your daughter’s head dry, drawing her close for a reassuring hug.

Your son’s yelling has stopped, but he glowers at you. Why is he so mad?

You quickly measure your options.

Do you…

A) Go and hide under your comforter for the rest of the evening?

B) Yell at your son – how dare he!?

C) Try to treat his behavior with understanding and act accordingly (like all the parenting books say)

“Things are really going very well. Your program helped a great deal to bring more calm to our home, which is especially helpful since we have an 18 year old son.”
– Linda C, CA


“I want to say Thank YOU!!! I thought the call today was great. It really helped me to get clarity on prioritizing.”
-Nan P , WA

You know you should choose Option C!

But staying calm in the face of so much pressure when you have your own stuff going on too? That’s hard!

Fight or flight is the natural reaction here – staying calm, cool and collected is not.

And the worst part? This is such a regular occurrence that you’d think you’d have effective coping strategies by now – but nope!

You’re in a rut of negativity.

In fact, all too often it feels like…

Your life has been taken over by negative emotions!

Sound familiar?

GUILT – “Is this my fault? Should I have done something differently as a parent?”

FEAR – “I’m afraid for the future. What if he never makes it through school? What if he can never hold down a job and is still living at home when he’s 40?!”

SADNESS –“Parenthood just isn’t how what I thought it would be. My kids don’t seem to respect me, or realize that I have feelings, too.”

EXHAUSTION – “I feel like I’m permanently fighting. Our main communication seems to be yelling.”

SHAME – “Are my children’s problems a reflection of me? Have I failed them?”

CONFUSION – “There are so many people out there trying to give me advice. None of it seems to work. I have no idea where to turn or what to do that will help.”

ISOLATION – “I feel so alone. None of my friends understand what I’m going through…not that I have much time to see them, anyway.”

JUDGEMENT – “I can feel people’s eyes on me. They must be thinking I’m a terrible parent.”

But imagine what life would be like if…

  • it didn’t feel like you were trying to move mountains all the time
  • the smallest homework assignment DIDN’T create World War III
  • your kids were motivated to turn in their schoolwork — on time
  • your daughter’s behavior is genuinely respectful, and she turns to you for help with her problems, instead of taking them out on you
  • you have the tools to teach your child how to manage his or her challenging issues…while there’s still time!

But how?

There are good ways to manage the complex issues your child is going through — and to teach your child to learn to manage things for himself.

But these methods are widely unknown to most parents, who all too easily end up in a rut of bad emotions – for themselves and their families.

Sure, medications can help for some kids, but the first course of recommended treatment is actually behavioral, not medicinal. And besides, the meds don’t work 24 hours a day, right?! You still gotta deal with before and after! 🙂

There are some parents who have mastered the parenting thing – big time — when it comes to raising kids from elementary school through their teens — kids with ADD, ADHD and other related challenges. They have learned the strategies and tools that will calm even the most complex kid.

And that’s what we’re here for – to show you how to manage your child’s behavior — without feeling like you’re going crazy.

Hi, we’re Elaine and Diane.

We’re the founders of the award winning* ImpactADHD — and parents to six complex kids between our two families.

When ADHD and a host of other issues and learning challenges first entered our lives many years ago, there wasn’t very much help available for us …and very little that really worked! As moms, we were committed to finding workable solutions. We searched extensively, and then we discovered coaching, which helped us understand that the best solutions actually had more to do with us than with our kids.

Coaching completely changed our lives, and we each decided to take become coaches ourselves – which is when we met! What happened next was amazing. Once we were coaches and fully understood how to create lasting change, we became much better parents to our complex kids.

We felt as if we had unlocked a great secret.

It wasn’t rocket science. The skills and strategies from the world of coach worked WONDERS for our families. And we knew we were on to something BIG.

Now, we teach parents how to take a coach-approach with their kids – the behind the scenes stuff that really works . We give parents a better understanding of their kids’ individual needs… and teach them how to communicate more effectively. The results are astonishing.

Not only have we turned things around for our own families, but for thousands of families around the world.

Our understanding of ADD/ADHD and other complex challenges facing our kids comes from actual personal experience, not merely from textbooks. We know first-hand what works, what doesn’t, and just how important it is to get it right.

Our methods have made us highly sought after in the ADHD world, and we are frequently approached for guidance and contributions by national resources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, Attention and ADDitude magazines, and other national press.

Elaine serves as a columnist for the Huffington Post, and on the National Board of Directors of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD). In fact, in our VERY first year, we were awarded *‘Innovative Program’ status by CHADD!

So what is the Coach-Approach?

We all know that when kids have a champion in their corner, it makes for better performance, and a better life. The coach-approach helps parents be that champion for their kids in a positive, empowering way. It is a way of communicating that is open, accepting, motivating, and constructive.

There are 6 Key Challenge Areas facing families with complex kids.

With an understanding of these 6 areas, the coach-approach helps parents navigate the fine line between guiding your children … and still encouraging independence.

It helps you see the best in your kids, and help them reach their full potential. The focus is primarily on learning and improvement, rather than correction and criticism.

For parents, the coach-approach offers a way to:

  • Help kids determine their strengths and motivations so they can be more successful
  • Expose kids to the benefits of celebrating successes so they can feel good about themselves
  • Teach kids to shift perspectives and get “unstuck” so they can do what’s expected of them (and what they expect of themselves)
  • Share life lessons, both positive and negative, so you can teach your kids to learn from their experiences, and from their mistakes
  • Support kids in figuring out what they want so they can find a path that will bring them success in life, work and relationships
  • Provide constructive feedback and accountability in a way that your kids can use it to learn and grow, without feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or a failure
  • Share your values, beliefs and perspectives so you can teach your kids what’s important to you

Depending on the age of your child(ren), we know that what you’re struggling with looks something like this:

Whatever your main pain points, the Coach-Approach is a model that works for children of ALL ages (and adults, too!)

And now, you too can experience this life changing training – from the comfort of your own living room


Hundreds of parents have already changed their lives with this program, which is a combination of training and coaching.

We’re into our fifth year now, and haven’t yet met a parent who actively participated in the Parent Success System and didn’t see results. It’s literally impossible to take this program — to get regular training and coaching — and not see significant change in your child. Frankly, the change for the better is for your whole family!

We’ve tweaked and changed enough over the years to keep only the strongest and most effective tools for managing ADD/ADHD and other complex challenges. We’re confident that this is 100% the best parent training for complex kids that you will find anywhere.

Best of all, anyone can do this. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken other courses to manage your kids challenges, or if you’re a complete newbie to this world — we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure YOU – no matter what level you’re at – will experience nothing less than explosive results with…

The Parent Success System

Designed for maximum Impact: Learn hundreds of parent management strategies that will help you handle all year with calm and confidence!

The Parent Success System was carefully designed to give you maximum support without overwhelming you, so that you and your child can achieve optimum results.

The Purpose of the Parent Success System is to help you handle challenging circumstances when they occur with as much grace as possible, and to teach your child to learn to self-manage, and ultimately take control of his or her own challenging issues — be they ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, Asperger’s, etc. – over time, as appropriate.

You will soon see how simple it can be to manage your child’s complex issues with calm and confidence.

Meeting in small groups in twice monthly coach-led phone sessions, we will tackle a new topic each session, and discuss specific issues you are struggling with. You will:

  • get tremendous help in the daily management of your child’s challenges
  • hear what works for other parents and get new ideas from your coach
  • develop a skill set of targeted strategies to use for specific situations

I’M READY to change my child’s life (and mine)!


During the sessions, you will have a chance to address any of the 6 Key Challenge Areas that show up in your family’s life. As a reminder, those are:

  • Relationships
  • Organization
  • Impact on the Parent
  • School Challenges
  • Life Logistics
  • Emotionality & Impulsivity


As you prepare for each coaching call, your workbook will guide you to identify the specific challenge area you want to focus on during each call, such as:

  • Getting Started on Homework
  • Getting Kids to Bed on Time
  • Creating Effective Chore Charts
  • Dealing with Sibling Squabbles
  • Snarky Teenage Behaviors
  • Handling “Don’t Worry, I’ve Got It”
  • Fostering Independence in Schoolwork
  • Turning Specific Chores into Routines
    …and so many more

There are two fundamental approaches to addressing any challenge area:

  • Prevention
  • Management

There are also two places to apply focus:

  • Focus on yourself
  • Focus on your child


PSS calls combine Training, Coaching and Support. On each call, each participant:

  • identifies an area of challenge
  • gets clear on what more needs to be learned or understood
  • learns a specific coaching skill to practice
  • considers options for addressing the challenge
  • leaves with a commitment to action

Here’s a sneak peek of PART of the coach-approach method:


There are 4 Critical Response Areas for Managing complex challenges. Each of these is more of an approach than a specific strategy. Nearly every challenge you face can be best handled when get clear on which combination of the critical response areas might help the situation.

Usually, more than one might be useful. But breaking them down this way enables you to get crystal clear on your responses, so that you can actually see what works!

The 4 Critical Response Areas are:

1. Activating the Brain
2. Parenting Positively
3. Shifting Expectations
4. Using Systems & Structures

While there are many strategies available to choose from for each response area, here’s a quick overview:

Activating the Brain: A lot of the issues we struggle with as parents are influenced by what is happening in the body, chemically and hormonally. Whether our kids have a neuro-biological diagnosis, or not, what’s going on in their brains influences ALL of their thoughts and behaviors.

Research tells us that there are many things that can be done to support the brain in working more efficiently — especially when it’s challenged with ADHD, LD or anxiety.

Brain Health is important to everyone, particularly overwhelmed parents who tend to get more stressed out than other people!

Shifting Expectations: Also known as Setting Realistic Expectations. This is NOT to be confused with settling for “less” or “lowering” your expectations for your kids. You have every reason to set high expectations for your kids.

But many of our kids are about 3-5 years behind their same-age peers developmentally.

This means that we need to set expectations that will realistically allow our children to be successful, instead of setting expectations based on what we think they “should” be able to do based on their age.

Parenting Positively: Kids with complex challenges like ADHD and LD make mistakes … a lot. They are consistently dropping, losing, breaking or forgetting things, or getting things wrong and missing directions, and we correct them from sun up to sun down – often without even realizing it.

With all that negativity and constant re-direction, things can get pretty intense for all of us! Positive parenting is important for maintaining relationships long term.

It is really about taking a strengths-based approach to empower your kids to believe that they can be successful.

Systems & Structures: Systems and structures are the routines, the processes that we put into place to help us make improvements.

While most of us tend to start fixing problems by looking for solutions (e.g. he just needs to use his planner!), the systems actually tend to make better sense and be more effective when they are created in the context of Activating the Brain, Shifting Expectations and Parenting Positively.

For example, to activate the brain you might use a system of taking vitamins or medicine. To help a child remember to do her chores, a rewards system could be set up using the principles of positive parenting.

Get ready to change your life this year

“Things are really going very well. Your program helped a great deal to bring more calm to our home, which is especially helpful since we have an 18 year old son.”
— Linda C, CA

” The live interaction gives me a good balance of feeling challenged, supported, and encouraged all at the same time!”
— Kristi B, TX

“I want to say Thank YOU!!! I thought the call today was great. It really helped me to get clarity on prioritizing.”
— Nan P , WA

The Parent Success System is accessible, affordable and extremely effective. Get:


  • Two 60 Minute Group Calls per Month with an ImpactADHD Coach (you’ll choose a group according to your schedule and the age of your kids).
  • Training during each session on a new coaching skill for management, including invaluable strategies and tools that you can use immediately.
  • Individual attention during each session to help you Take Aim on your challenge areas one at a time, so that you can tackle your specific challenges and leave each session with a plan of action.
  • Parenting Success Workbook to help you reinforce the skills you’re learning in the group and track your progress.
  • Weekly reminder emails to keep you on track and provide easy access to materials.
  • Access to the ImpactADHD® Audio Library of all of the Guest webinars we’ve hosted over the years.
  • Recordings of all Group Calls so you can re-listen at your leisure – either for a refresher, or when you miss a session.
  • Connection with other Parents with Kids of Similar Age, who understand what you’re going through.
  • Private access to Parenting Lifeline Forum for Parents, which means 24/7 access to and support from all clients of ImpactADHD programs.
  • Reduced stress in your home as you learn strategies to stay calm, set the tone, and discover new ways to address old problems, like homework and life struggles.
  • Re-connected with the loving family you know is there – under all that frustration.
  • Access to two additional Live Group Q&A calls with a coach each month.

In just 2 hours a month, we can help you change your family dynamic for a lifetime!


For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

(*Parent Success System is a 12 month auto-renewal program)


Our commitment to affordability

The Rolling Stones once sang:

‘You can’t always get what you want,but if you try sometimes, well you might find,you get what you need!

Truth be told, you probably want your kids’ challenges to just go away; but, since we live in the real world…What you need is a way to cope with your reality and make it work.

And what you need is right in front of you!

The Parent Success System will arm you with the most fundamental knowledge, tools and super-effective strategies to make managing your complex kid easier and less stressful…and make parenting a lot more fun.Joining the Parent Success System is just…

$147 per month

That’s less than the cost of a daily Starbucks latte for a month.

Are you ready to start investing in yourself so you can make a difference for your kid? Maybe it’s time to make your own french press coffee and commit to the change that will make your life — and your kids’ life — feel manageable, peaceful and on the road to success.

If you still think this is a lot, ask yourself, ‘how much is my sanity and well being, and my kid’s self-esteem and future success, really worth?’

Time for a no BS moment– Parent to Parent. The truth is, you really can’t afford NOT to.

We’ve gone to great lengths to design a program that actually WORKS in the REAL world, all for less than half the cost of a 50 minute private-pay therapy session — and offering a whole lot more support and guidance!

“Joining the ImpactADHD community has empowered me, validated me, and authenticated my desire to parent my ADHD child to the best of my ability. With the Parent Success System, I am now gratefully tapped into a community of parents and experts who understand and are making a difference in my life and my family’s life.”
— Suzann K

5 Reasons to Join the Parent Success System

Learn strategies that have been PROVEN to work not only by us and our colleagues in the field, but also hundreds of Parent Success System parents who have seen their whole worlds change over the course of the year.

What you will learn is the result of thousands of hours of in-depth research and hands-on practice — and it works.

Immediate takeaways and fast results. The course is a year-long program that builds on itself, with each new session providing tools you can put into action right away, meaning you go from strength to strength each week while you grow in confidence.

Just the right amount of support. The calls are every two weeks – just the right amount of training without being overwhelming. There is a strong support system the whole time, cheering you on, so that you can get as much help as you need. You will genuinely look forward to each new session, and be able to catch up with other parents in between the calls.

Learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. All sessions are recorded so you can listen again and again as you wish (and when you miss a session.) You can listen while you are cooking dinner, in the car, or getting in a work out!

If you’re committed, you can’t fail! We are devoted to helping you succeed. If you are not seeing the results you want, we will stick with you to make sure you do– simple!.

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • Whether your child is taking medications for ADHD, anxiety or ODD– or any other issues — it’s not a magic pill for success. It takes SKILLS to learn to manage and master living with complex issues for the long-term.
  • Learning strategies that work while connecting with other parents will help you feel calm and confident. You’ll know WHAT to do, and more importantly — HOW to do it. And you’ll know you’re not alone.
  • When you have a group of parents and a coach on your team, you won’t feel avalanched by the challenges. Your path for supporting your child will become clearer.


The absolute bottom line? You wouldn’t still be here if you didn’t want to do something. If you still aren’t sure that this is the right program for you or your family, send an email to and we will reach out to you. Let us help you figure out how we can help, so you can take the leap you really want to take for YOUR CHILD!

Got questions? Here is what we most commonly get asked:

Q. How is this different from ImpactADHD’s other programs?

A: This is by far the most in depth group program we offer. We have compiled the absolute strongest knowledge, tools, techniques and strategies to help you adopt the coach-approach with your child. It is as effective for a newbie to the world of complex kids, as it is for seasoned veterans who want to brush up on things; truly, any parent with a complex child is welcome. We have made it our focus to ensure that this program hits on the most important things a parent of any complex kid needs to know. No messing around – we get right to the point!

Q. What age kids is this for?

A: If you have a kid who is elementary school age through high school, this program will work for you (and we’ll place you in a group, accordingly). The sooner you teach your kids to manage their behaviour, the better. It breaks our hearts when parents of older teens come to us desperate for help, afraid that it’s too late. It’s not. Though it’s much easier for parents of younger kids, it works for everyone!

Q. How much does it cost?

A: The cost of the Parent Success System is just $147 per month. We have made every effort to make this as affordable as possible — with the hope that we can reach as many families as possible.

The cost of visiting a therapist is frequently in the region of $200 per hour, and attending a conference frequently adds up to hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on location). Either way, for the information you’ll get in a course like this, and the ongoing support that comes with it for the year, you could end up paying thousands of dollars with a therapist. The Parent Success System is a more modest investment for the same quality training you’d receive at a conference or in a therapist’s office. Given that you can learn from home, you don’t have to worry about childcare costs (or the stress of leaving your complex child at home!), travel costs or traffic woes, this is a much more efficient and effective investment of your time and money!

Q. How long is each session, and when do they meet?

A: Each group coaching session is roughly 1 hour each. We offer many sessions throughout the week, at different times day and night, and targeting different age-groups. You will be able to choose a group that works for your schedule.

Q. Why is it a year-long program?

A: After years of trying different things, we have landed on the length of program that consistently delivers the best results for kids and parents. While many of our members participate in PSS groups for years because they love the ongoing support, a 12 month commitment is designed to give you the training you need to change things for the long term.

We’ve learned from experience that complex issues don’t go away overnight — quick fixes get very limited results, and long-term success takes a little time. We’ve also figured out that our kids issues show up in various ways all year round. Since we parents face different challenges during the summer months than during the school year, we’ve found that consistent support and guidance year-round leads to better, lasting results. You’ll see big changes in the first couple of months, you’ll start feeling a lot more peace about half-way through, and we guarantee that by the year end, you’ll feel as though the skies the limit for your kid!

Q. Who are Elaine and Diane?

A: Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster are parenting coaches and mothers who happen to have 6 kids with ADD/ADHD and a number of other related issues between their two families.

When their kids were younger, the kind of support that would have helped them was not available. This inspired them to co-found ImpactADHD, as they recognised a huge need for support that makes a real difference. They hope that no parent ever has to go through this alone – not when they know they can do something to help!

For full bio’s for each please visit:

Q. My child has not been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Can I still attend?

A: Yup! We welcome parents of what we like to call “complex” kids – children with ADHD or related challenges. 70% of kids with ADD have a number of different co-existing issues, and these strategies work for all of them. So whether ADHD is suspected, diagnosed, or not even likely, if you have a “complex” kid, you probably know what we mean – and this is definitely for you.

Q. If I don’t find this useful, is there a guarantee?

A: We do this because we love seeing parents and their kids succeed. It is an extraordinary experience to watch parents transform their families and empower their kids. And we are 100% committed to your success. If you take the action steps presented in this program, show up for all the calls, and implement a minimum of three strategies, but you still don’t feel you are seeing the benefit, then we will work with you 1-on-1 to figure out what’s missing and what it will take to help you get results. If that still doesn’t work, after three months you may end your agreement, and we’ll still let you keep all the bonuses! For your convenience, your monthly membership will continue after twelve months until you direct us to stop payments (email Your commitment is important to the success of this program and there are no refunds for non-participation.

Profound change made simple

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! Just by calling into the sessions you will learn tools with the power to change everything. You will be astonished at how two hours a month can change your family life in magical ways for the long haul.

Designed for busy parents

We know you’re busy…who isn’t, right?! You will inevitably miss some sessions along the way, and that’s fine. Simply catch up when you can with the recordings, and you’ll be ready for the next session. We’re always here to answer any questions, too.
And if you’re really really busy? (ha!) Well, apart from us wanting to give you a virtual hug, we truly feel that even if you only take advantage of HALF the amazing features and all the many strategies we want to give you, you will still experience the most tremendous difference in your family… for a lifetime!

From parents – to parents!

Our personal understanding of what it’s really like to have kids with multiple challenges is at the heart of our coaching. We understand what you are going through, and know that big changes lie ahead for you AND your whole family.